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Our pledge

Dedicated to designing 
a better world

At Green Knight Studios, we’re on a crusade to design a better world. We are an activist agency specialising in brand design and using creativity to help fight the climate crisis and ecological emergency.

Part of the Green Britain Group, we offer a range of creative services for companies who take sustainability seriously. Our clients are either already operating sustainably or are environmentally and ethically conscious organisations who want to go further than they already do. That’s something we can help with.

Our approach is quick and agile, leveraging decades of past experience working for big, global clients. Now, we’re taking the skills and knowledge we’ve built up over the years and applying them for clients in renewable energy, transport, food, jewellery, education, tech and more.

What we offer is proven expertise in communicating the green message in the right way to consumers and businesses. If you need creative support to launch or develop a sustainable brand, Green Knight is at your service.

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Practising what we preach

Green Knight Studios is a 
zero-carbon agency

All the energy we use comes from the wind and sun, our waste is recycled, our food is vegan and we offset any travel emissions we incur. On every project, we will always advise you to use sustainably sourced materials and resources from vetted suppliers.

Our services

Building brilliant green brands

Green Knight Studios is a collaborative agency offering a wide variety of creative services. If you can’t see what you’re looking for, just ask…

Brand Strategy

Based on our experience working with brands across sectors, we’ll lead you through a rigorous discovery phase to identify what makes your venture unique and to creatively position your brand for success.

Brand Identity

We will apply this learned insight by combining strategy with creative brilliance to develop a unique visual and verbal expression for your brand that provokes, challenges and demands attention.

Brand Communications

Harnessing this fresh identity, we will create engaging visual content and brand collateral that connects with your audience or customer.

Our background

Using our experience as a force for good

Knight Studios was founded in 2010, assembling a team of talented creatives and technologists to strategically develop brands and campaigns for a wide variety of clients from tiny local start-ups to global organisations.

As Knight’s reputation for insightful and impactful creative work spread, our clients grew bigger and bigger, including the likes of Adidas, Nike, The North Face, Chelsea Football Club, Samsung, Intel, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Red Bull, NASA and more.

With concern about climate change growing every year, we started to question the sustainability and ethics of each project that came through the door. A passion developed, driven by the idea of using design not just to help clients make money, but to do good in the world.

Partnering with Dale Vince, the founder of Ecotricity, we have reformed as Green Knight Studios – a design agency operating purely according to eco-conscious principles.

We now pledge to only do work that helps fight the climate crisis, helps brands push environmental issues, helps companies be more sustainable, and helps promote worthy causes.

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